Thursday, December 13, 2012


This week is  busy weeks for me because I will be working until Saturday but lucky it is just a short hour of work. And after that my in-laws were arriving also that same day to sleep over for a day it is nice but of course you also wanted to relax and just have a solemn weekend with my family since I will be working until weekend I don’t know but that’s what I felt I am not complaining at all I guess I am just releasing my disappointment or what ever you may call it. I cannot also say no to them were I am worried that it might be rude to them and I am just careful them not to think any bad against me since I know them not for quite long. Anyway i can do this for the sake of my husband and son.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Household Chores

I have to sign out for a while to face my motherhood rule with my infant. I will try later to get back on track. Need to give him food and bring him to shower let him play in the tub for a while and dress him up and bring to bed for his short nap. Then after I have to clean up all our missed, hang my laundry and fold the dried one and might do the iron for my husband working clothes. Very hectic schedule isn’t it? It sort of a daily routine, frustrating I know and same boring but you would never learn how exciting and fulfilling it is unless you are on the same situation called, mommy! So see you guys later for my next article.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Extra challenge

Did you also experience something that you wanted to write or say something but what ever you wanted to try nothings would come up. Very prostrating isn’t it? Hate it because I wanted to finish my task on time but because of lack of ideas I always end up empty handed. How I wish I was the same as the other individuals who are talented the one who can easily pick the write words to type in and will just took a minute or might be a second to finish a topic. Very humanity gestured but at least I am still trying, challenging and tiring but we must keep on moving if we don’t want to left far behind.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What a very inspiring lovely day, had a heart to heart talk with my little brother. He whispered some word that boasts my respect towards him. I am very proud of what he achieve on his life I just hope and pray that he will stay as humble as what he use to be and may he carry all the guidance and the good thoughts just like how our parents mold us. What ever you may end up to on the near future remember that sissy will always be here to support you in any cost. I love you all

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Young and Naive

I mostly heard that ones someone reaches on their proper age all are variable such us physical and emotional. Being responsible is automatically being level up thou. It might be to other but I guess not to everyone, some just simply wanted to keep being stubborn enjoying missing around and throw all the boredom to their agonizing, innocent parents. We may never know I was been or you was been one of those way back. Being a mother now I just hope that my child would not pick the same pieces of mistakes that I have done. I am deeply sorry to my loving parents all the head aches that ones I have put them through. And I thank them much for not giving up and for lifting me every time I am feeling down. I love even more my dearly parents.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fine Sunday

Sorry if i cannot share you any gossips or inspireng stories. This time i just simply nothing to share with. Perhaps i have been too much stress lately to the point that i can't even think something to write down. But at least i would have a lot of time on reading yours. Good night everyone.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Parent's In Law

During the house renovation, obviously my father in law was busy on fixing the wall that will divide the dining and the living room. It is missy and hard work but knowing that at the end of it you will get a humble house to live that will give a lot of inspiration to keep moving. Of course we are very much thankful that my in Laws were always been there ready to support us as long as they could. We can ever be thankful enough on having such a wonderful parent’s.