Saturday, May 21, 2011


Now a day the reality of the new generation is screaming all over the world. Nothing is safe enough people are getting in balance. Is these because of a global crises or this is just one of the mankind natures of evil side. Every time I watch news killing is always there. Innocent people and children is victimize with the selfish attitude of mankind. Why must everything will end up like this? Why don’t we just live peaceful and enjoy and respect life that we temporarily have. Can all of this really just impossible to happen? Anyway just try to enjoy life to the fullest don’t let any people stole it from you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I encourage my husband to concentrate on losing weight this would be a good time for him to losses some kilo because of the nice weather of summer where it’s nice to take a run. He is not really huge but enough for him to loss a bit of kilo for the sake of his health. It doesn’t matter what exercise you will take and the nice body you could get the most important is to give the best function and a good health you could ever repay to your body. There is a lot of alternative of exercise which you don’t have to consume any amount to maintain your daily exercise and to have a healthy life.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Having a circle of friends is good and choosing friends is not bad at all. You are just securing your feelings of being bite back and be hurt by someone you think you can trust. This is usually happen in friend you think you are lucky to found  unfortunately because of jealousy something always turn to worst. Bad critics and gossips is always been the reason of any broken relationship. If you take any relation commitment value and stand for it. It’s not easy to find a good friend whom you can count and trust for all the time you might face of in the future.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Gosh seeing my youngest gay brother makes me realize how long I was been far with my family. The last time I saw him that was on his age of 7 or 8 if I’m not mistaken. And his hair style is still a boy cut was so surprised and can’t even recognize him now with his long hair and flirty look. Just miss them a lot more to see him growing this pass. Now he is on his 19th it give me a guilt feeling of not coming back home but at the same time I am also happy of the sacrifice I made which financially help my family a lot. For me their daily survival is more important I know I missed up a lot of time but knowing that they are ok cover all those holes of my memories and pain. I guess I just simply love them a lot.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Summer heat is unbelievable if you don’t want to have a heat stroke drink a lot of water and to avoid any serious health condition because of two much warm. That’s why guys help us to care our mother earth. Please avoid using hazardous that might harm our nature let us do this for our future children for them to be able to see how beautiful earth is.

Monday, May 2, 2011


One of the best thing I can advice you to be a habit is using a hand crème all the time. Hand crème is protecting your hands in a tremendous dryness because of being too much exposed of work and hot water. If you wanted to maintain the softness of your hand as much as possible then don’t be lazy and make this thing as one of your daily habit I do guarantee you that it will work through of my experience which I like to share you guys.