Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It’s just a blink on my memory a hair standing experience i have the last time i join my mother in law in a house keeping. Every time I help my mother in law on her house keeping job I was been so terrified because I never expect on that day i will experience to feel a paranormal. No body was around on that house except my mother in law and me. We both agree that she will take over the kitchen and while i vacuumed and mop the floor and while i was doing the vacuumed with my surprise the television just turn on, on its own my blood run cold because I know nobody is their except me and my mother in law and it is too impossible for my mother in law to do that since she is busy cleaning up the kitchen and the remote and television is on living room where I decided to start cleaning. Therefore i barely saw how the volume raises up as if someone is watching. I really scream so loud and run out to my mother in law and tell her what I saw. Which she believe because after we turn off the T.V it did turn on again for the second time. And that’s it were so terrified and because of that we didn’t even have a chance to finish our job! So silly but i am so scared.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Eating Swedish chocolate my friend bought it for me after on their Sweden trip. It’s a lovely payment for baby setting his two lovely dogs. Don’t mind if they will not buy me anything I love baby setting their dog they are nice and sweet so easy to take care. This is my simple advertisement of a dog baby setter anyone want me to baby set your dog just call me. Kidding guys! Laugh out loud! J

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The answer of everything!

Money, money where you are hiding come and show up now with me. I need you badly had a lot of things to fix. Especially on my family and my ailing mother that need an especial care. But of course that care would be possible if I had just enough money to use for everything she needed.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This winter would be the first winter for my newly born son i am excited for him though cold weather sometimes give us a dull moment because of much limited things to do. But of course you wouldn’t feel it that way if you should take some winter activities surely you will not feel anymore the presence of the cold weather enjoyment will replace everything. A bit sad knowing that this year my sis in law and her family will be moving in Calgary for some personal reason but knowing that their decision would be the best for all her family member that made me at ease. Therefore my family was also eager to help them on finding a suitable place to live especially for the kid’s. And Calgary Rentals answer it everything. Thankfully Calgary Rentals didn’t disappoint us towards my sis in law and for the rest of the family. As she was telling me since they move in they are telling us how happy they are with all the service and the rent is totally fine. All Calgary staff is very accommodating to the entire request you wish to ask. A good package deal of everything you wish to get. In other word’s Calgary rental is a perfect company to deal.

Friday, September 9, 2011

facing my punishment

Down town trip for today just to chill out a little bit. Regret doing it because I saw a lot of summer sale. I like to buy some of those clothing but the problem is I don’t have enough money to buy for. Poor me! My hubby didn’t give me any budget for ordinary shopping sadly I am off limits on using my bank card because my hubby found that I spent a huge amount last month for my shopping trip.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Meaning of Gift

My son and I receive a cute gift from a person that close to my heart it’s her personal made winter socks. This kind of gesture make my heart melt I am a person that is easy to pleased I don’t care how a gift will look like and how expensive it was. For me the important is you want to give it with love. I appreciate more people that will buy/made me a cheap gift but you know that their intention of you is real. Rather than with someone who can give me an expensive gift but full of lies.