Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I always heard and read articles about a problem child, given to those children who had special needs. I am talking to children who are mentally and physically fit but too difficult to deal with their daily routines. For an instance during and every time their meals and sleeping habit that’s what a kind of child a friend of mine has. They meet different kind of doctors to help them understand what and why their child is behaving so strange but unfortunately doctors can’t also explain why. I feel sorry for her because of the stress she had but i also admire her courage to face all her dilemma on her child. Next year the child will be on kindergarten to mingled with other children they hope for the best change on her character that she will be encourage to do things just like any body else. I am also hoping it so at least for ones she can also have time for her self.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Real Friend's To Count!

"Every painful situation is a gift from god,to make you unique from others, so face the pain to become the best in you life."  A wisdom words I got from a beloved friend of mine one time I open up something personal that bother me a lot. I appreciate a lot the time and word’s she shared me it did comfort me a lot. Kisses to you my sweet friend I hope everybody get a friend the same as what I have coz we all knew that not all people is lucky to have a true friend.