Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love this Korean series in titled of “prosecutor princess” gosh her guts is unbearably accepted I can’t imagine working with her on the same firm. She will drain all your blood with her childishness but cute gesture. Perhaps you should try to watch it on you tube or on I am telling you its hilarious you will enjoy watching it. You might for got all the stress and pressure at work. I couldn’t believe that there is such a person like her working to a respectable firm or offices. But in fairness her character is quite impressive though. A very excellent writer and director a big of applause. I just simply love Korean series hay you never know how you made my day. Thanks a lot to those up loader. Please continue doing it coz’ you secretly making people lives complete in a simple way.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ear pimples

Ho ho (CRYING) i don’t want it, in all places sadden why inside on my ears? Indeed I am suffering enough on it coz’ of it my ears are swollen and pain with an annoying itch which impossible for me to scrub. It even affect a little on grinning my food since my ears connected through my jaws.  Can't understand why I have to be punishing this way?! What I only can do is just to wait until it will absorb can’t wait for that day to come. My mother use to tell us story that if you are lazy you end up having an annoying pimples as your punishment. But I wasn’t been lazy at all I do all the task that required to be done why I still got it? Hmmp I don’t know if I should still believe those stories of my mother just like old time sake.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bedtime stories

                                      Papa is busy putting them (my son) and kokie (dog) into sleep
                    While Kokie (dog) is feeling relax while obviously my baby is wasnt happy the idea on
                                                             putting him asleep!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Don’t misjudge me for sharing my disappointment to people who over acted to let everybody know that they are already in America, Europe or other land that still belongs on cold weather/snows. Recently a person I knew way back on high school days posted a shout out on her Facebook letting other know that she already arrived in America and how cold the weather is. The exact wording she use was” I already use coats and boots inside the house to ease the cold temperature I felt but still didn’t work out, my mouth is even smoking because of the cold” a lot of people reacted but for me its just a simple over reacting who likes peoples attention. I felt disgust to this kind of people. Billions of people also migrated to some cold countries but I never heard someone who over reacted as she is. I also arrived here on winter time but why I didn’t do such stupid story. Argh O.A!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Long distance

Let me refresh my memory, what we did this weekend? Nothing much but Saturday night a friend invited us to dine in an Indonesian restaurant located in some part of berlin. The food was great every one enjoyed with their piece so in other words the dinner turn quiet will. They ask us to meet up and to chit chat a little bit before we move out the country which I find it very touching. Anyhow we will also surely miss them since they are our closes friends in here. But surely our friendship would not last only because of distance.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Snows

White cottony ice called snow, now I can see them where ever I go they are like stalkers that follow you everwhere. It is freezing ended but seeing the children enjoying it make me also enjoy the cold breeze of the wind. Unfortunately my little boy can’t stand the cold temperature yet but eventually his system would slowly accept it since this is his homeland. I can’t wait to see him joining others children I use to see before and after I got him. I can’t really stop thanking god for giving him to me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

English Police!

All along I thought that people who choose to be on danger jobs doesn’t have any chance to draw smile on their faces or enjoyed life but apparently its all opposed to what I though after watching the English real life series Police will pick you up. Though the kind of vocation they choose is life and death but it is fun to watch them enjoying it. Mind you they are still able to made fun while hatching very badly the criminals. I just hope that all police agent around the world are can be trusted. Sadly some countries including mine their images is very badly that’s one of the common reason why I am so much against after my brother told me he want to be one of them. Aside from their life and death situation I am more concern some issues based on what I always heard and watch on news that some of police agents lives can be corrupted I just hope that all the knowledge I learn wasn’t true. Since that was the path my brother likes to take.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heaven and Earth

Do you believe in karma? Me I am, since I reach on my understanding my mother use to tell us to do good things to others because every little thing good you did to others a good karma always pays you back. I inherit those advices from my mom and definitely I will turn it over as will to my offspring’s, which hope so their children will inherit it as will. Of course each of us has our own belief and understanding on everything that evolves us and I whole heartedly respect it.