Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Summer is time for a family bonding there you plan to have a cross country relaxing vacation for everybody. Before traveling miles away make sure to bring it to someone who has a capability of checking your car engines and bring spare tires and water for the engines to avoid of over reheating specially in the warm weather of summer which triggered your engine sometimes to break down.  Enough food and water to drink for everybody is important on travelling far enough. Car tools to use and a bit of knowledge on fixing cars are the good ingredients of having a safe family trip. Good luck for your dream vacation make sure on collecting the happy moments avoids collecting bad memories by doing the right thing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Now that the spring started you can changes now your winter tire to the summer tire to conserve it for the next winter. Winter tire is also a bit expensive so if you want to save some penny in your pocket get up and move your ass don’t be lazy to changes your tire. Change you’re working clothes and grab your car tools the good advantage of having bit knowledge with car is saving more money and time to expense.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


CAR INSURANCE is one of the biggest parts of your responsibility of owning a car. Without this you could have a lot of problems number one in the police authority where most of the time ask you up to show your legal documents by the time you cant showed them any one of the requirements like driving a car without insurance it could lead you to a more serious problem like charging you some case which might lead you to a possible imprisonment. And not just this one in case also of any accidents the good things of having a CAR INSURANCE is they will back you up in any accidents you will be involved with. It l might be a bit expensive but dear that’s part of the rules you should fallow because you know on the first place the responsibilities you have to take of having a car. So if you know you’re not capable enough to fallow this rules simple don’t take any car use a local transportation to less you up of facing any problems

Monday, March 21, 2011


To the newly drivers please do remember to have this EMERGENCY CAR HAMMER in your car beside you or in any place inside as long as its easy for you to reach it in case of emergency happen. This CAR HAMMER will protect you in any water accident or unexpected flame inside the car to be able to break the windows and escape as fast as you could. Without these tools you will struggle to break a car window especially if you have accidents in the water. Where the water holds on the capability of opening the door in the quickest way for you to escape. Just an advice to share to all of you out there not to be irresponsible to have this thing for your own safety.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


If you own a car make sure you know your responsibility of having it. Don’t just underestimate the risk of having a car. Its not only use for your daily activities or to get the public and your crush attentions. But most of all you must to know that having a car is also the same of having a child which you need to look out and give a proper care to be able for him to give you a good and safety service that you’re expected.  Whole regular check up of the car is the most important where you have to check everything start from the engine and breaks and other important parts of car that will protect you in any danger. It might cost you a lot of money every year but at least your assurance of being safe on accidents is worth paying for.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Everyday my hubby tried to teach me a bit by bit on driving only in our compound since I don’t have yet a license to drive to avoid also in any problem with the authority but I’m already happy of doing this though for now its quiet limited the things for me to do but at least I’m doing something about it. Just like yesterday he teach me how to do the reversing I was so nervous to try but surprisingly I did it I need more effort and a bit more confidence of doing it then it might be faster for me to learn and be able to get soon my learners permit so I can drive down the city by my self and perhaps look for a job. As I said we live far from the main city it would make your life easier if you have your own transportation to use for your daily activities. Ok guys wish me luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


As I note down on my last article about the accident of my hubby because of it until now we don’t have any car to use so it’s quiet hard for us especially if we need to buy our grocery and if we want to chill out in the city. Our place is quiet far from the main so the transportation is limited it would be better if you have your own transportation to use in any cases.  Were glad when his friend called up and ask us if we want his car his selling it and in an affordable price so we decided to come by on his friends house to check the cars condition. I do like it a lot it has an automatic gear which would be easy for a new learners like me to have. I guess were going to take it for the meantime at least we have something to use perhaps later on if we have enough savings then we can buy a new and comfortable one.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The other night my hubby got a car accident which shocks me to death after hearing what happen to him. He was rush to the nearest hospital lucky there is no such serious damage on his body to be treated. He said while he was on his way home he could barely see the road which he struggle to drive because of heavy rain. Plus the bad condition of the road due to the flood a couple months ago its still slippery and muddy for his car to slide off the road and bump on a telegraph pool lucky for him that the telegraph pool did not fell down on his car other wise it could give a bad condition to him. Now he is ok and trying to cope up with is major injury were just hoping that his car insurance is good enough to help him out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Pity with my sister she called me up today to let me know that they are already in the city together with her child and my son. She told me that she can’t withdraw any money on the ATM which I give her to use of withdrawing some amount every month before I left the country and it’s also easy for me to deposit some money for my sons allowance. Shame on me I was so shy with my sister they are all hungry she didn’t have any spare money for food and for their return fare because she expect that they will not encounter any errors. My son was crying a lot and asks my sister to call me up and ask some money because he wanted to go home and eat. My sister asks me to help them and send immediately some cash for them to use. So I called up my husband and explain him the situation without any doubts he send automatic some cash to assess my sister. I didn’t realize that the ATM already been expired that’s why they wasn’t able to withdraw any cash on it. I do apologize a lot with my son and especially to my sister which I bother a lot. And also thankful with the understanding and generosity of my partner.


Today my husband and I went to the police station to gathered some information and requirement we should need for D.M.V. My hubby will tried for me to get learners driving permit and people who will teach on my driving journey. Unfortunately we arrived late for us not to catch the opening hours. I guess we underestimate the time we though that police station here is on 24 hours open which we got it wrong. But yeah we can do anything just to come back again on Monday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. Went back home with lots of hopes that police will give us the exact information we need. So I can start with my driving lesson and perhaps soon will get my learners permit for me to drive down the city so while my hubby is out for work I can also look slowly for work and avoid getting bored and feel homesick again.