Friday, March 16, 2012


My hubby ended bought me a sweet donuts. Though I am still on the process of dieting I can’t make his feeling down so with a warm cup of tea I’m going to eat you up donuts! Since he do his effort on pleasing me I guess it is just fair if I will also give him back the nice gratitude. Let me think some nice thing that I can do for him. A nice coffee might be enough? Perhaps a lovely head and shoulder massage would be more better way to pay it back. Ok then since I already have this idea all I need to do is to stop it first here and make this idea begin.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colorful Fairies

For the first time i decided to visit this shopping mall some where around the city of berlin, while walking and busy on looking around. We found this exclusive fairy store and with curiosity we came inside to check out what they have ,in fairness the place is breath taking just like you are in a fairy world the atmosphere is good and their design I can say that is top very different from what I have seen before. The big difference of what they have maybe because of the more lively creation of them. My hubbys grand mother who was the mother of his mother was very fond on collecting fairies so we bought one for her and for sure the moment she saw this she will flip out with happiness. Yes! Very true she can absolutely be like that secretly my grand mother in law had this childish gestured, it came out more as she get excited. Funny huh?!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dutch Royalty

Sadden story it might be a little bet late on writing this article regarding the Dutch royalty family who had been facing a crucial trials. The second son was reportedly had an accident in Austria while he was skiing. Unfortunately since the accident was occurred he didn’t gained any consciousness yet. Lots of rumors about his situation were all around. Of course Dutch citizen is all concerns on the prince health and wishing all the best for all the royalty family. He still too young to leave and his two toddlers will still need his guidance and affection and as will as his wife. Gosh this could be traumatic also for the queen but knowing her strong character she will ones again surpass this trial. God bless to you our dear royalty.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad habits

Money that came from a bad way end up always on a missy. Many people thought that easy money would be the best way on getting everything they want, despite warnings they still ignore the fact that will lead them to a miserable situation. Hard work money might be needed a lot of sweat and effort but it always good the feeling of using a hard work money ‘coz we know that we never step up any innocent people just to get that money. If you want to have a harmonious living and mind made sure not to commit any illegal aspect ‘coz you what will be the end of it. Always think twice or a hundred would be better before engaging any things.