Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love watching this program titled Dog Whisperer. His sort of a dog psychiatrist who helps dogs who has a un balance behavior. And he also teach dog lovers how to handle properly their pets through the dogs body language and  how to put them on their own place by letting them know who is the boss between you too. Dog lovers sometimes could out of control on their dog’s behavior due to their overflowing love towards their pets. Unfortunately sometimes it could cost a serious problem on your daily life because of their uncontrolled behavior. I guess if you had these uncontrolled dogs you adore the must you must to call him for help his name is CESAR just don’t ask me more further how you could possibly reach him out because I couldn’t answer it as will. Try to gather some information online about him so you will know what I mean he is quiet interesting believe me guys.

Monday, June 27, 2011


What disturbing news I have seen today imagine a young man sold his kidney to gather amount of money to buy his dream laptop and i pod. The mother is teary eyed while she is sharing it to the media of what his son did to his body just to be able to have those gadgets that unfortunately his parents can’t possibly give to him.  Of course it’s nice the feeling to have those in demand gadgets but if you can just afford to have it. This would be the good example to give time and a good communication with our children to let them understand and accepts the facts for what we only could give to them to appreciate and live a simple life as they could have.


Cucumbers and tomatoes in this moment are forbidden to eat in Europe. So far the following country that been declared is Germany and Netherland. This was happen due to a harmful bacteria that scientist discovered  this bacteria known as EHEC unfortunately until now they still on process of solving the problem and pointing the inner reason that triggered the bacteria. Numbered of people is already reported being diagnose and been seriously sick because of eating cucumbers and tomatoes. Hope so this won’t take long for them to solve because pity for those who love to eat fresh salad just like my hubby.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Caribbean recipes

Hello everyone how are you today? Well I am now recovering from my 22 hours of laboring of my first baby. But I am very happy that I finally see my little man. My husband told me this morning that maybe in three month from now we will go for our first family vacation for this summer.
Since I am a bit excited I search online and first pop-up my search is this website This website offers different type of rentals apartments and condos. While explore on this website I also find out that they also offer HomeAway's Travel Cookbook that includes recipes from many countries around the world. So if you like to eat or cook a Caribbean food will I have some additional Caribbean recipes for you guys. And I am sure your friends and family will enjoy this food.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Planning to have an unforgettable holiday? I guess everyone is wishing to have. Anyway if your planning to have one with friends, family or even by just your own. If you wanted to have an affordable tickets and hotels to stay then check some booker’s online which usually offers affordable tickets and even a relaxing hotels to stay. My hubby and I usually do this lucky so far in how many years that where doing this we are still satisfied their jobs and being able to enjoy and benefit their offers.